100 Mujeres Lideres S.L.
100 Mujeres Lideres S.L. Non Profit
LasTOP100 is an initiative led by Mercedes Wullich and launched from the MujersYCIA platform. Its mission is to promote equality and woman empowerment. From their website lastop100.com they present an annual ranking where an independent jury selects the 100 most influential women in Spain categorized in different areas. Given the success of the initiative, in 2019 we were commissioned to redesign the website, incorporate a voting system to include public voting, and integrate a system that would allow the management and billing of a complementary profile review service. We worked together with the initiative's graphic design team to redesign the interface with a new content manager, a more complete online registration system was incorporated, and an adhoc voting system was developed that, after scaling over the AWS Cloud, it supported the peaks of voting and visits in the moments of greater traffic.
AMCO Systems
AMCO Systems
AMCO is a company that optimally performs a complete geometallurgical characterization of metallic minerals. The complete development of the brand and the development of a website that would allow the integration of the blog tool was requested.
ATK Soluciones
ATK Soluciones
ATK Soluciones is a company formed by technicians with extensive experience in the industrial, civil and mining sectors. ATK aimed to develop its online presence through a modern and functional design.

Digital Branding Ltd developed a color palette, remastered the logo and developed a responsive website, facing a short deadline to develop it.
Alba3 Centro de Negocios, S.L.
Alba3 Centro de Negocios, S.L. Administrative/Utilities
Alba 3 is a business center that offers flexible work solutions that include coworking, offices and meeting rooms. Management was interested in improving the online presence by redesigning the website and reaching new customers through the online channel.
A complete restyling of the website was carried out, building a simpler and more ordered structure where design and user experience prevailed. In addition, a new logo was designed, a 3D virtual visit was incorporated, and advertising campaign was launched through Google AdWords and professional emails based on Microsoft 365 were configured.
Asociación Nacional de Ingenieros de Minas, Grupo especializado en recursos y Reservas Minerales (GERRM)
Asociación Nacional de Ingenieros de Minas, Grupo especializado en recursos y Reservas Minerales (GERRM)
The GERRM is a group specialized in mineral resources and reserves that is directly dedicated to the exploration and investigation of mineral resources; its director Juan León Coullaut sought to develop a web portal including digital advertising.
Digital Branding Ltd, developed the web design, the logo based on the group's acronym, creation of personalized email accounts through O365, as well as the design of flyers and posters.
Asociación Plataforma Innovación Industria del Deporte
Asociación Plataforma Innovación Industria del Deporte Non Profit
The GSIC is a sports innovation center that aims to improve the value chain within the sports industry. Its director Iris Córdova wanted a platform where she could integrate not only a sports center; but to create a space with technological innovation and have a business network.
Event Management™
Event Management™ Entertainment
Event Management ™'s mission is to offer solutions for the comprehensive management of events. The initial requirement was the complete development of the brand and its digital presence including marketing campaign and digital advertising.
Madrid Destino
Madrid Destino
Madrid Destino is an initiative launched by the Madrid City Council, whose mission in times of COVID-19 is to continue promoting culture and tourism in the Community of Madrid with a revolutionary format of free tours guided by an expert in a virtual environment.