Our Advantages

At Digital Branding Ltd we  help you unleash innovation and leverage the latest and best technology platforms in advance with our flexible financing and payment plans that fit your business

Why Digital Branding Ltd?

We believe we can transform businesses through digitalization, improve the perception of your brand and help you reach new clients.

Best Price/Value ratio

Do more with less: compromised to offer the best price/value ratio of the market.

Best Technology

We partner with industry leader suppliers and thoroughly test our solutions to ensure seamless integration and smooth behaviour

Simplified Management

At Digital Branding Ltd you just have to talk with one supplier for all your digital related services. These simplifies management and accounting.

Financing Options

We offer several financing options. See our financing plans in Financing Options

Great Support

Our support team is always available to help. 24.7.365.

Dev's with Business Mindset

Our team will provide all the support you need to get your site ready. From design to engineering, we build the whole solution.

Financing Options

Normally our projects are billed following 20% - 80% model. This means 20% of the development cost is paid when the contract is signed, and the remaining 80%, and the end of the project. You can opt to more specific financing options such us:

Instalment  Billing

  • 0% commission, 0% interests, 0 £ formalization costs.
  • Choose your term (3mo, 6mo or 1 year)
  • Approval is guaranteed

ROI Billing

  • Payment based on project ROI
  • For certain type of solutions whose impact can be  directly measured in profit
  • Subject to approval

Equity-Base Billing

  • Pay with company participation
  • For startups with low financial muscle willing to finance the project  with equity
  • Subject to approval

Simplified Management

This is done thanks to our ERP through which you can:

Consult, sign and pay budgets

Check invoices

Review, cancel and update subscriptions

Review the status of projects and tasks within the project

Create and review the status of support tickets

Odoo • Text and Image

Timesheet views and detailed reports

The web application offers the administrators of your team many functions:

See staff or team hours, weekly or monthly hours.

Get personalized reports.

See staff statistics.

Configure alerts.

Make manual time entries for your staff.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Monitor the hours and attendance record


Weekly or monthly worksheets with attendance follow-up.

Keep track of the hours worked by your employees and classify them by project, client or tasks.

Integrated accounting automatically publishes reports based on the time spent on projects, providing data in real time.

Integrated accounting automatically publishes reports based on the time spent on projects, providing data in real time.