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Experts in cybersecurity policy and regulations

Digital Branding Ltd provides an array of cybersecurity services including cybersecurity policy management, risk assessments and regulatory compliance consulting.

We provide innovative answers to the growing, complex need for cybersecurity in businesses facing strict regulatory compliance controls.

Compliance Consulting

We help companies achieve compliance while focusing on security and risk management. Working in conjunction with our clients, we develop an all-inclusive security strategy that utilizes best-in-breed security solutions.


We begin by reviewing current security infrastructure as well as policies and procedures to uncover any potential vulnerabilities.


We provide our clients with thorough documentation of the assessment, as well as our findings and recommended steps to rectify those potential vulnerabilities.


From writing policies and procedures to addressing infrastructure technologies concerns, our Team has the skills and experience to make you compliant.


Disaster Recovery

Data Replication. Replication is a high-volume and low-latency backup option that makes data available and always ready to maintain business continuity.

Cloud Backup. Rapid recovery of your data to get your business back up and running after a disaster will improve peace of mind and avoid the costs involved in failing to do so.

Disk Backup. Disk systems provide efficiency through Real-time Compression, virtualization and thin provisioning.

Practice Areas

Cyber Shielding

  • Infrastructure Securitization Disaster Recovery  
  • Penetration Testing  
  • Leak Investigation

Cyber Law

  • Data Protection & Privacy
  • Internet Law
  • E-Commerce and International business

Copyright & Trade Mark

  • Mark Brand Registration
  • Digital Prestige
  • Domain dispute

Cyber Shielding Risk Matrix


  • Computers
  • Mobile Phones
  • Other Devices
  • Servers
  • Access Control


  • Wi-Fi
  • VPN
  • Landline
  • NFC
  • Bluetooth
  • Mobile land
  • Approved Platform
  • Unapproved channels


  • Email
  • Calls
  • Conferences
  • Connection (VPN)  
  • Social Networks


  • Credentials
  • File Sharing
  • Password Security
  • Cloud Access
  • Email

Trademark Law

Trademark Law determines the use of a device to identify its goods and to distinguish those goods from those made or sold by another, as well as Service marks, used on services rather than goods.

To obtain the greatest protection for a mark, it is almost always advisable to register the mark. 

At Digital Branding Ltd we can help you with brand registration…

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We believe we can transform businesses through digitalization, improve the perception of your brand and help you reach new clients.

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We partner with industry leader suppliers and thoroughly test our solutions to ensure seamless integration and smooth behaviour

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At Digital Branding Ltd you just have to talk with one supplier for all your digital related services. These simplifies management and accounting.

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